舞台劇布偶可以如此靈活!!?幕後製作The Creature Technology Company

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The Creature Technology Company – Showreel




專注領域 :Animatronic Puppetry, Arena Shows, Theme Parks, Stage Shows, Exhibitions, Events

公司網站 www.creaturetechnology.com
公司總部:澳大利亞 3207 VICTORIA Port Melbourne, 461 Plummer Street 3207 澳大利亞 VICTORIA Port Melbourne, 461 Plummer Street
公司規模:11-50 名員工
Formed in 2006, The Creature Technology Company designs and produces the most technologically sophisticated and creatively inspired animatronic creatures for arena spectaculars, theme parks, exhibitions and stage shows in the world.
An extraordinary team of artisans, engineers and designers operating from a non-descript factory in West Melbourne first created full-scale naturalistic dinosaurs for Walking with Dinosaurs –The Arena Spectacular, a show now seen by over 7 million people in 200 cities across the globe; then How to Train Your Dragon – The Arena Spectacular for DreamWorks then set the benchmark even higher; and now King Kong is stunning audiences at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne, a show so remarkable it really does have to be seen to be believed. Yet more amazing projects are in the works.


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