I'm a cat. I play video games.

請別再ㄉㄨㄞ ㄉㄨㄞ貓了|動畫四格 gamwrcat by samantha whitten

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Posted on 17 5 月, 2014 by A-MO

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GaMERCaT is a comic written and drawn by Samantha Whitten, usually based on ideas or experiences she has while playing games herself. It is one of many projects she currently works on, so the comic only updates once a week at this time.
There is no real plot at this point, just the wacky misadventures of a cat that is obsessed with video games. Enjoy the random nature of the comic!
1. Is GaMERCaT a boy or a girl?
GaMERCaT is male.

2. Why is GaMERCaT’s name written with only the A’s in lowercase?
For no other reason than to resemble a gamer tag and make it more visually interesting.

3. Was GaMERCaT inspired by another character? He looks like Sissel from Ghost Trick, the cat from Nichijou, Chococat and (insert other random characters here).
Not surprising, given how simple GC’s design is. A black cat with a red bandana is admittedly not the most unique or original design I could have used. In any case, no, he was not inspired by anybody else. He is modeled after my pet cat and the red bandana was added to give him some kind of accessory.

4. Who owns GaMERCaT? Where does he get his money? Will humans ever be able to understand him?
Most everything will be answered in due time, or never at all. Just keep reading and try to enjoy it without over-analyzing it 😉 One thing I can answer is no, humans will never understand him. It’s funnier that way.

5. Will you do a comic about (insert game title here)?
Possibly! I can’t take requests, though. I usually create comics from random ideas I have while playing a game, so it’s hard to just conjure one on demand. Especially if I haven’t played it yet.
6. When will you make a new comic? Is there an update schedule?
The comic updates every Monday, and Tapastic gets early bird privileges, so new comics appear there one week in advance. You can watch GC’s Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook page to be notified of updates when they happen.

7. I love GaMERCaT! Will you make products of him, like shirts and stuff?
That’s so awesome that you guys want merchandise of him! I would love to get a book of his comics printed, but until I have enough of them to fill one I’ll work on offering more GC themed swag!

8. May I translate your comics into another language?
Yes, you may! The conditions are you must not remove the website address from the comics, and you must link back to this website. You may not use the comics for any kind of pay-to-view site.
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