Adventure Time《探險活寶》卡通主題畫展|畫廊介紹篇 - 七早八早攻山曉七早八早攻山曉

Adventure Time《探險活寶》卡通主題畫展|畫廊介紹篇

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Posted on 26 7 月, 2013 by A-MO

2013年5月時,一群藝術創作者們於美國德州Alamo Drafthouse戲院 Mondo藝廊舉辦一場以他們最愛的 探險活寶 畫展!

This past weekend was a ton of fun as we worked with Cartoon Network to present a gallery show and feast at the Alamo Drafthouse dedicated to one of our favorite animated shows…. ADVENTURE TIME! Below is a gallery of photos from the gallery with all artwork represented as well as snaps from the feast!

Special thanks to John Bullington who broke a feast record by preparing more than 600 plates of food in a little over an hour and forty-five minutes! He’s the best.