瀏覽: 人氣

Posted on 4 7 月, 2013 by A-MO

世界漫畫展The world of Manga Exhibition在荷蘭鹿特丹直到2014年1月


the world of Manga
The makers of Samurai are now bringing you face-to-face with the fear-inspiring guards of Buddhist philosophy, flanked by the savage heroes of Street Fighter. The mighty Machines of Shinkichi Tajiri paved the way for manga, an international community that blurs the boundaries of rational reality.
The versatility of manga art has never been portrayed as clearly. The Japanese Buddhas introduce the philosophy of manga in comics, anime and games. When, after the piercing images of Shinkichi Tajiri’s fighting machines, the beauty of manga art begins to unfold the viewer is elevated to a mystical experience. The digital photographic art with graphic effects by Anderson & Low evoke the following question: are these manga-inspired dreams of humans or human-inspired dreams of manga?
This is the first time in history that such renowned Japanese manga masters as Akatsuki Katoh, Shiho ENTA, Ching Nakamura and Fuzichoco are exhibiting their work outside of their own country. Hoki created a unique work featuring the Erasmus Bridge as a backdrop especially for this exhibition and an entire hall is dedicated to the artwork of director Hosoda Mamoru’s internationally acclaimed anime Wolf Children Ame and Yuki.