【Nature 2011科學進展圖片版】365 days: Images of the year

Posted on 4 7 月, 2012 by 小邱 毛


01. FINAL ENDEAVOUR 最後的職責– 奮進號航天飛機退役

在經歷了30年的風風雨雨、135次飛行、以及兩次事故之後,奮進號航天飛機(Endeavour )完成了自己的歷史使命,靜靜的陳列在博物館供人緬懷其無上的榮耀。上圖為今年5月份停靠在國際空間站的奮進號,我們永遠無法在看到如此景象。

We shall never see this sight again. Thirty years, 135 flights and two disasters after the space shuttle first launched, Endeavour — pictured here in May docked to the International Space Station — and the rest of the shuttle fleet are retiring to museums. P. NESPOLI/NASA

02. DOWN TO EARTH 重返地球– 聯盟號的逆襲


With the demise of the shuttles, Russia’s venerable Soyuz capsule is for now astronauts’ sole route to the space station. Looking more like a nineteenth-century diving bell than a twenty-first-century spacecraft, this capsule brought three astronauts down to Kazakhstan in November.  B. INGALLS/NASA

03. JAPAN’S PAIN 日本大地震


The shattered village of Ōtsuchi testifies to the savagery of the magnitude-9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan’s Tohoku region on 11 March. It killed tens of thousands, left hundreds of thousands homeless and triggered a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.   D. SAGOLJ/REUTERS

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