【Nature 2011科學進展圖片版】365 days: Images of the year

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Posted on 4 7 月, 2012 by 小邱 毛

10. CAGED FURY 籠子裡的狂暴者


Rats don’t deserve their bad name, but this ball of fury won’t win over many murophobes. Russian scientists bred this aggressive rat strain to compare it with more docile creatures in a study on domestication that has teased out several genetic regions linked to tame traits.  VINCENT J. MUSI/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC STOCK

11. ULTRA-FLYWEIGHT蒲公英上的超輕量級金屬

Tobias Schaedler小組通過在多聚微型網格上鍍鎳-磷,之後在移去多聚物骨架的方法,創造出最輕的金屬晶格。

Balanced on a dandelion, this ordered metal lattice could usurp other, structurally disordered, ultra-light materials. Tobias Schaedler of HRL Laboratories in Malibu, California, and his team created it by plating nickel–phosphorus onto a polymer microlattice, and then removing the polymer skeleton.  D. LITTLE/HRL LABORATORIES

圖/文 http://www.nature.com/news/365-days-images-of-the-year-1.9620

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