【Nature 2011科學進展圖片版】365 days: Images of the year

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Posted on 4 7 月, 2012 by 小邱 毛

07. RHINO AIR 飛翔的犀牛

科學家利用直升飛機將犀牛(black rhino)帶離其日益退化的棲息地。它的近親西部黑犀牛(western black rhino)不幸的在今年滅絕。今年一共有13個物種從地球上永遠消失。

A vertiginous helicopter ride took this black rhino on the first leg of a journey from its shrinking habitat in eastern South Africa north to Limpopo. But its cousin the western black rhino was less fortunate: it was one of 13 species and subspecies officially declared extinct this year.  WWF/GREEN RENAISSANCE

08. DAWN PATROL 拂曉巡邏


Vesta’s scarred face was captured by NASA’s Dawn craft as it orbited the 530-kilometre-wide denizen of the asteroid belt. The origin of the crater at the centre of this image, which contains a mountain 15 kilometres high, is one of many mysteries Dawn will probe during its year-long reconnaissance.  NASA/JPL-CALTECH/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

09. BOOM! 火山大爆發


The beauty of a plume from the Puyehue–Cordón Caulle volcano complex in Chile was lost on the thousands of people forced to flee the area, and on those in neighbouring Argentina who were showered in ash from the eruption in June. C.SANTANA/AFP/GETTY

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