【Nature 2011科學進展圖片版】365 days: Images of the year

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Posted on 4 7 月, 2012 by 小邱 毛


Donna Stolz用來自25個實驗的哺乳動物細胞影像合併出如此絢麗多彩的圖片。這幅圖片為她/他和匹斯堡大學贏得了2011年度尼康微世界攝影大賽。

Donna Stolz created a festive wreath by assembling images of mammalian cells from more than 25 experiments. The picture adorned her Christmas card last year and won recognition for the University of Pittsburgh biologist in the 2011 Nikon Small World photography contest.  D. STOLZ/UNIV. PITTSBURGH/NIKON SMALL WORLD

 05. UNFORGETTABLE 難忘的石墨烯結

浙江大學的Zheng Xu和Chao Gao所拍攝的400-μm石墨烯結,為我們展示了納米層面的精確控制。兩位研究人員將氧化石墨烯晶體紡成纖維,做成石墨烯線並打結。

This 400-μm-long knot in graphene, tied by Zhen Xu and Chao Gao at Zhejiang University in China, shows exquisite control at the nanoscale. Xu and Gao spun flat liquid crystals of graphene oxide into flexible fibres metres long, and then converted them into graphene threads. C. GAO


瑞典隆德大學科學家Ekaterina Shevtsova所拍攝的寄生蜂的翅膀。蟬翼般的翅膀展現出彩虹版的干涉圖樣。

The iridescent interference patterns seen in the gossamer-thin wings of species such as the parasitic wasp Closterocerus coffeellae could be used by the insects as a method of visual signalling, according to work led by Ekaterina Shevtsova of Lund University, Sweden.  E. SHEVTSOVA

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